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Live Oak Tree
Quercus virginiana, also known as the southern live oak, is a normally evergreen tree native to the Southeastern US.
The southern live oak has a deep tap-root that anchors it when young and eventually develops into an extensive and widespread root system. This, along with its low center of gravity and other factors, makes the southern live oak extremely resistant to strong sustained winds, such as those seen in hurricanes.
It is very important to keep a Live Oak properly trimmed to help prevent damage during a storm.

Sabal palmetto from von

Sabal palmetto
is a popular landscape plant and state tree known for its tolerance of salt spray and cold. Because of their relatively long establishment period and prevalence on ranchlands, few, if any are grown from seed in nurseries. Instead, established plants are dug in the wild with small rootballs since virtually all the severed roots die and must
 bereplaced by new roots in the new location. Most leaves are removed at this time to reduce transpiration

As far as landscape trees go, the Laurel Oak (Quercus hemisphaerica) is one of the very best for the Lowcountry. This native oak is semi-evergreen (briefly losing most of its leaves in late winter) and grows to a mature height of 40-60 feet. Laurel Oak is a rapid grower that thrives in well-draining soils. 
The most common disease of the Laurel Oak , is called  Phytophthora Basal / Canker of Oaks is characterized by “bleeding” cankers on the bottom 5-6 feet of a tree’s trunk. These cankers ooze clear or dark-stained sap that runs down the bark of the tree. It is very common in the Laurel Oak.

In order to effectively treat for this disease, it must be done early. Laurel Oaks with visible cankers and branch dieback will not respond to fungicide treatments and should be removed. 
Basal Cankers on the trunk of a Laurel Oak
Basal Cankers on the trunk of a Laurel Oak.

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